Filling room and Filling devices

Filling technology that moves the world, "Filling room and Filling devices"

Our factory is named "F&P Factory," which stands for "Filling & Packaging." We took it from F&P business giants in North America and Europe to show our determination to lead the industry in Japan.

Filling room and Filling devices in F&P Factory
"F&P Factory" is located next to R&D Laboratory and across Ina Factory. It does not look like a factory from outside as we wanted it to be discrete in the quiet neighborhood.
 expanded the quasi-drug and cosmetics manufacturing area
In April 2020, we expanded the quasi-drug and cosmetics manufacturing area in the new R & D center.

The factory, located in the town of Ina which was home to Tadatsugu Ina, the head of local magistrate who served Ieyasu Tokugawa, is equipped with the state-of-the-art filing devices and filling machine.
The world-class filling and packaging factory is able to provide services considering the features of the materials that make up products to enrich people's lives.

Filling room and Filling devices in the factory

"Sharing," "distributing" and "delivering" one's production to more people. "Individual packing" started in ancient times with stone plates, tree leaves, barks, clay pots and glasses and evolved across the world from the 18th century for use in commercialization. For selling finished products, quick production with greater accuracy was required, which continues to the filling technology of today. Our factory provides not only filling and packaging technologies to respond to various needs but also functions as manufacturing center in compliance with environmental regulations and laws. Given the recent increase in the new product development in quasi-drugs and cosmetics, we have acquired manufacturing licenses for quasi-drugs (license number: 11DZ200157) and cosmetics (license number: 11CZ200274).

Three filling and packaging areas

The factory consists of three filling areas: the main filling room for automobile and hobby industry products which account for 80 percent of the production; the filling room for quasi-drugs and cosmetics; and the filling room with explosion protection for materials with low flash point.

■Main filling room is equipped with two filling machines with complete sealing, five semi-automatic filling machines, dispensers, can seamers, blister sealing machines and cappers.

Main filling room

Main filling room is equipped with two filling machines with complete sealing, five semi-automatic filing machines, dispensers, can seamers, blister sealing machines and cappers. The area is mostly for consumer greases and oils, where filling and packaging in aluminum tubes, laminated tubes and bottles take place.

■Quasi-drugs and cosmetics area

Quasi-drugs and cosmetics area

Preparation / after treatment room for sterilization and refrigeration is equipped with two thermostatic chambers and an industrial-use refrigerator. Quasi-drugs/cosmetics filling room and material input room are only accessible through preparation rooms, and the filled products are taken to the packaging room with double doors. The area is also equipped with an autoclave (steam sterilization machine) and a quality inspection room with thermostat chamber for bacterial culture test.

■Quasi-drugs and cosmetics filling room

Quasi-drugs and cosmetics filling room

Viscous creams and liquids are filled into tubes and other containers with filling machine and dispensers and sealed inside the room. The room has lighting to prevent UV reaction and nitrogen purging system.

■Explosion protection filling area is equipped with forced ventilation system and activated charcoal scrubber that removes odor.

Explosion protection filling area

Explosion protection filling area is equipped with forced ventilation system and activated charcoal scrubber that removes odor. The area is mostly for organic solvents and industrial products with perfume contents that need safe handling, and is in compliance with the Fire Service Act and Environment Law. UV reactive products other than quasi-drugs and cosmetics, as well as hazardous items with low flash points are handled in this area.

Entrance and exit with traffic line consideration

The area is functional, considering the traffic lines of incoming materials and containers and outgoing finished products.

■Entrance and exit area

Entrance and exit area

The functional area with clear division between the incoming raw materials and packages and the product shipping spaces. The shipping area is also for our contracted picking service that takes daily orders and ships out products stored to nationwide customers.



On the platform equipped with automated sheet shutter that minimizes the incoming dust, raw materials for daily production arrive while the finished products in pallets and cases are shipped out. Drivers are asked to take off their shoes to ensure cleanliness of the platform.

Filling devices

Let us explain our filling devices that support our technology. Our wide range of filling devices and equipment include semi-automated filling machines to respond to various container needs, fully-automated filling machines with complete sealing of tubes, dispensers for quasi-drugs and cosmetics, large pumps to take out materials in drums, serial printing machines, can seamers, blister packaging machines, etc.

■Filling devices

Filling devices

The photos show some of our facilities, in clockwise from top left, "nozzle part of the aluminum tube filling," "fixed amount filling machine with tube sealer," "tube sealer of organic solvents," "1,000L agitation tank," "oil bottle (10cc) filling," and "can seamer."

We can arrange factory tours upon request for customers who already have business with us and starting a new product, or companies that consider outsourcing a new business to us so that you can check the actual filling process of the product. Please also feel free to contact us if you want us to supply containers or materials currently used or to improve profitability by sourcing from us.

Filling business cases

Our filling and packaging business has assisted commercialization of various product ideas regardless of the size or type of business, and around 25% of our annual sales come from new customers.

Based on our experience with customers, we can classify the filling business into three categories:
1) Filling factory of a manufacturer who has its own manufacturing line
2) OEM filling factory that receives constant business from manufacturers
3) Subcontractor filling company of 1) or 2)

Customers have selected us not only for our reliable and highly evaluated filling technologies, but also for flexibility of not belonging into either of the three categories, our package design and also our "capability" to cover low-volume, diversified production. We believe that the company size does not matter for creating good products.
For instance, a company with long history and experience and a newborn venture company have something in common when they come to consult us - and that is the passion to release their product in good shape. We can assist you with our technology in a better way by helping you from the early phase of the product development.

How to inquire us

Please feel free to inquire us for our filling business, as well as procurement and preparation / coloring of the materials, our in-house product offerings and packaging.
Below is the general flow after receiving inquiries.

1) Inquiry form on our website
We accept your inquiry via online form and telephone.

Operation hours
Inquiry form: 24 hours
Telephone: 9:00 to 17:15 on weekdays Phone number: +81-48-824-2821

2) Consultation by phone
We ask you about whether blending is needed or not, container types to be used, the batch size for filling, etc.

3) MSDS (or SDS) check for the content
It is necessary for ensuring safety, selecting the filling machine and estimating the cost.
We are able to conclude NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in advance if necessary.

4) Proposal and cost estimation
We submit a cost estimate based on the specification provided for the container etc. and our service proposal.

5) Registration to order placement
A formal order is placed after agreeing on the specification, cost, schedule, etc.