Cosmetics business

Cosmetics business

"Skin-friendly" and "promising" cosmetics

We design and sell cosmetic products that fulfill your wish to stay healthy and beautiful, including METLLASSE, our aging care line that targets the root of the skin, and Oku-Aizu Kaneyama, made with natural sparkling water.


aging care cosmetics that target the root of the skin

We believe that understanding the innate ability of the skin and supporting it is important to vitalize the skin and keep it bouncy and moisturized. That is why we looked into what our skin is made of - "proteoglycan" with its superior water retaining capability, "ceramide 3," and "amino acids" necessary to make beautiful skin. Our aging care cosmetics are rich in these compounds, approaching the root of the skin.


Oku-Aizu Kaneyama Carbonated Spring Mist Lotion

Oku-Aizu Kaneyama 100% Carbonated Spring Mist Lotion

"Oku-Aizu Kaneyama Carbonated Spring Mist Lotion" is for skincare mist lotion made from only carbonated spring water in Oku-Aizu with naturally rich. 100% Natural, Additive-free, also Preservative-free. It will keep your skin moisture and smooth with rich Hydrogen Carbonate ion and Silicic acid.


Lubricants business

Our product offerings include quick-drying lubricants and high-performance greases for use in electronic devices such as cameras, home electronics, AV equipment and OA equipment for smooth sliding of components and contact points, noise prevention, providing feeling (touch, operational feeling, heaviness), conducting electricity, impregnation, water repelling and oil repelling.

coatings business

We provide fluorine coatings agents used in various applications such as water repellency, oil repellency, antifouling and moisture proofing.

Packaging and Filling business

Our filling business put your lubricants, greases and cleaning agents into containers (metal tubes, laminated tubes, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc.) labeled with your brand name. We are also able to commercialize products jointly developed with our customers under a unique brand name.

Spring water business

We sell natural sparkling water from Iken Cold Spring in Oku-aizu, Fukushima.

Cosmetics business

We design and sell cosmetic products to fulfill to your wish to stay healthy and beautiful, including METLLASSE, our aging care line that targets the root of the skin.

NST business

Clinical research and basic research are indispensable areas for developing products that are useful for "nutrition therapy".
We develop products in collaboration with universities and provide products under the diagnosis of a veterinarian at a veterinary hospital.

Fragrance business

We plan and manufacture original fragrances.
We have a track record of 10 years, and we have event goods for artists.
We are involved in many original fragrances and diffusers for anime and games.
Since April 2020, I have been a member of the Harves Group. We will strive to meet a wider range of needs than ever before.

Obtained a cosmetics manufacturing and sales license (permit number 13C0X10838)