Packaging and Filling<OEM>

Filling of lubricants, greases and cleaning agents into containers with a brand name

We put lubricants, greases and cleaning agents into containers (metal tubes, laminated tubes, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc.) labeled with our customers' brand name. We are also able to commercialize products jointly developed with our customers under a unique brand name. Our F&P Factory for this business started its operation on October 15, 2015. We have acquired the manufacturing licenses for quasi-drugs (license number: 11DZ200157) and cosmetics (license number: 11CZ200274) to handle a variety of products.

Service flow

Industrial products are packaged into various containers. We are able to handle various types of containers and contents.

1. Inquiries

Our filling and final packaging service can handle a variety of materials from low-viscosity liquids to high-viscosity pastes. We may be able accept orders with small quantity, so please feel free to contact us.

2. Selecting a container

We are able to handle a variety of containers.

3. Filling process

We are able to handle almost all liquids and semi-liquids. Dilution, coloring, blending and preparation of the material may also be provided.

4. Container preparation

Our service offerings include labeling, shrink wrapping, film packaging, printing on the container and printing of the serial number. After filling, labeling is essential for consumer products, industrial products and semi-finished goods, and we are able to propose various shape and size of labels.

6. Packaging and shipping

Our service covers from blister packaging, carton packaging, attachment of backing, inclusion of accessories and boxing. Product packaging is an extremely important process. Packaging configuration needs to be designed considering the purpose and function, and different packaging for the same product may sometimes impact consumer appeal and retail pricing.

6. Packaging and shipping

We pack your product for physical protection and safeguard its value. Our service handles any type of packaging.