Handling of DURASURF

Product Handling

Product Handling

・With its low viscosity, the product is easy to handle and can be applied with brush, dipping, spray gun or dispenser.
・Colored and fluorescent types are also available if application needs visual confirmation.
・It is important to prevent evaporation to avoid economic loss and for concentration management. For example, processing tank should have minimum opening with enough space between the liquid surface and the opening.


Tightly stopper the container and store in dark, cold place.

When storing, stopper the container tightly and keep it in cool and well-ventilated area avoiding direct sunlight. As it quickly dries (in a few seconds~30 minutes) in room temperature, use a container that could prevent evaporation and loss of content.

Safe handling

1. Use in well-ventilated area

2. No smoking while applying

3. Thoroughly wash hands after use

Warranty period

Warranty period is 12 months in principle (when unopened). Note: There are some exceptions with some of the DURASURF products. Please contact us for details.