CSR and Social contribution

Becoming a company trusted by society

Harves understands CSR as "becoming a company trusted by society." As corporate citizen, we promote various activities to fulfill three responsibilities.

Three responsibilities

For realizing value beyond expectations of society and clients

The first responsibility is "value creation."
It is our corporate responsibility to offer products and services necessary for the development of society.

For fair and transparent business activities

The second responsibility is "acting sincerely."
We have the responsibility to protect the environment, comply with rules and act sincerely in environment creation.

For living together with society

The third responsibility is "being accountable and transparent company."
We have the responsibility to hold dialogues with our stakeholders, listen to their opinions and provide accurate information in a timey manner in our everyday business.

CSR activities - being a company that values its employees

Our CSR activities in the past

Our focus has been to help employees have a good work-life balance. We want them to be proud of and feel rewarded with their job and fulfill their responsibility and at the same time maintain harmony between work and private life.

  • Systems to support working parents
  • Active hiring of seniors (employment extension after retirement age of 63)
  • Active hiring of people with disabilities
  • Financial contribution to children's institution through donation