Handling of HI-LUBE

Handling of HI-LUBE

Handling of HI-LUBE

1. Removing oil and foreign substances from the surface (parts)

・Remove oil and foreign substance from the surface (parts) in advance
・Any oil or foreign substance remaining may result in coating layer not forming properly. It could also cause foreign substance contamination.

2. Agitating HI-LUBE

・Use spatula or others to agitate it well, especially when the oil is separated from grease.
※Note: Do not use while oil is isolated in the solution.

3. Avoid foreign substance contamination

・Dust, metal powder, moisture, liquid, special gas may degrade grease. It could also cause metal corrosion on the surface.

4. After use, storage the product to keep the surface of grease horizontal.

・ After use, make sure to level the surface of the grease to avoid oil separation. Please note that bumpy surface would accelerate the separation of oil.

Agitating HI-LUBE

Storage of HI-LUBE

1. Tightly stopper the container and store in dark, cold place.

・When storing, stopper the container tightly and keep it in cool and well-ventilated area avoiding direct sunlight.

2. Avoid long-term storage

・The longer the storage period, the more likely oil in the grease gets separated and comes up to the surface.

3. Avoid foreign substance contamination in the container

・Foreign substance accelerates degradation of grease and it could also cause damage on the surface when applied with grease.

Safe handling of HI-LUBE

1. Use in well-ventilated areaる

2. Thoroughly wash hands after use

Warranty period for HI-LUBE

Warranty period is two or three years after manufacturing depending on the product (when unopened).
※Please contact us to find out the warranty period for your product. You can also find the information on the product label.