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Manufacturing line products for electronics maker filling examples

Manufacturing line products for electronics maker filling examples

We are able to fill special syringes that are essential to evenly apply special solvents onto the production line of home electronics. We have various types of syringes appropriate to the content property and the application process. Using the latest information we receive from syringe makers and our rich experience, we are able to meet various needs of our clients.

Manufacturing line products for electronics makers we can handle at our factory

Specification of manufacturing line products varies depending on the product category

Manufacturing line products for electronics maker

UV resistant syringes
UV resistant syringes

Inquiries received
~Special adhesive for manufacturing line of home electronics~

We want to do the test production to verify the sample syringe filled with UV-reactive special adhesive before starting mass production. Is it possible to drop the specified amount from the equipment in a constant manner? What would be the volume of filling that would minimize the loss? - We were asked to conduct a very important test that would impact the production efficiency in the next step.

Customer needs

They wanted to outsource syringe filling with special UV agent for sale to major manufacturing company, including the tests.

Customer's challenge

They contacted us because a special syringe maker introduced us as a company that meets their requirement.

Our response

They confirmed our test filling on site and agreed on examination items. After creating specification sheets and passing the sample test, we were rewarded a periodic manufacturing contract. After the decision to go ahead with mass production, the next challenge was how to safety transport the product. We resolved all the challenges from packaging configuration, material of the dividers, serial numbering method to ensure traceability of individual piece, GHS label design, to 4G packaging configuration for future use. Nowadays, we receive more orders in this field, including business opportunities referred to by syringe makers. Whether you fill the syringe from the needle side or the plunger side has significant impact on operation efficiency depending on the material property and the usage of the content. Please consult us from the syringe selection stage.