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Privacy Policy

Harves Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information. One of the social responsibilities of this Company is to safeguard personal information in order to protect the privacy of individuals. Harves Co., Ltd. will also use personal information effectively in its business activities.

Handling of personal information

Harves Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes the importance of personal information. An important social responsibility of the Company is to safely and properly handle personal information from everyone interacting with the Company including customers and representatives of business partners (hereafter referred to collectively as "Customers"). Personal information from Customers will be handled to the extent needed for the following purposes related to the Company's business activities.

1. Uses of personal information in the course of the Company' business activities

Business operations involving business partners (providing information on products and services the Company offers, receipt of orders, invoicing and billing, issuance of receipts, etc.)
Providing information on products and services offered and technical support (providing product and service information, responding to inquiries, etc.)

2. No disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties

The Company will not disclose or provide Customer information to third parties for other purposes without the Customer's consent.

3. Secure management of personal information

The Company will retain and store personal information from Customers and implement appropriate security measures to ensure there is no leakage of that information.

4. Inquiries about and correction or deletion of personal information

Customers wishing to inquire about or correct or delete their personal information are asked to contact the General Affairs Division via the contact information below. Requisite checks will be performed and personal information will be disclosed, corrected, or deleted accordingly.

For inquiries, contact:
General Affairs Division, Harves Co., Ltd.