Provides an explanation of our spring water business

Spring water business

We are bringing back a rare mineral water from the Oku-Aizu Kaneyama region by bottling this water for retail and commercial sales.

We bottle and sell mineral water that comes from the Iken cold spring in the Oku Aizu area of Fukushima Prefecture.

Oku-aizu Kaneyama Natural Sparkring Water

Oku-aizu Kaneyama Natural Sparkring Water (sparkling mineral water)

Oku-aizu Kaneyama Natural Sparkring Water is a natural sparkling mineral water. Such water is extremely rare, as its Hot Springs Analysis attests. Small bubbles are interspersed in clear water along with minerals, resulting in a soft water that suits the tastes of Japanese consumers. The fine "natural carbonation" of this water led people to believe that it could never be bottled and sold. However, Harves has drawn on its unique technology to successfully deliver water with consistent quality that still retains a great deal of its fine natural carbonation.