A description of the philosophy of Harves Co., Ltd.


Bringing together well-honed expertise to meet the need for new technologies

Harves is a company that designs, develops, manufactures, and sells the finest special lubricants to meet our customers' requirements. Automotive components and precision equipment such as electrical devices and electronics need to be more accurate as they shrink in size. We assist our customers in every stage from product development to troubleshooting so that they enjoy increased productivity and better quality products. In addition, we also bottle and sell Oku-aizu Kaneyama Natural Sparkring Water, a domestic sparkling mineral water. Such water is rare in Japan, and we hope to make people's lives better by offering it. We are constantly striving to provide products with the highest performance and quality.

The 3 characteristics of our philosophy

POINT1R & D capabilities

As indicated by our development of greases such as high-performance fluorinated greases, we endeavor to research and develop new products and respond to advances in technology to solve whatever problems our customers may have. We are constantly striving to offer the most advanced lubricants.

POINT2Consulting skills

Our business approach is to participate in product development with our customers and resolve any subsequent issues that may arise. We capitalize on our experience and expertise during that process so that we can meet our customers' specific needs.

POINT3Approaches to ensure quality

We constantly strive to reconfigure the way we are structured and improve the way we do business so that we can continue to meet our customers' high requirements for quality. We continue to evolve as company so that we can design products and ensure their quality to better satisfy our customers.