Provides an explanation of our Lubricant business and Fluorine chemicals business

Lubricant business and Fluorine chemicals business

Just a few drops of lubricant helps the world go round, and the quality of that lubricant has changed the world.

We offer quick-drying lubricants for use in precision equipment and electronic devices such as office equipment, A/V equipment, and cameras as well as high-performance greases for use primarily on automotive electrical components and other vehicle instruments/vehicle-mounted equipment.


DRYSURF (Dry lubricant)

Harves has amassed experience and expertise as a pioneer in the manufacture of quick-drying lubricants, and Harves also has the flexibility to adapt to sudden changes in the market. These factors allow us to help you enhance the quality of your products. DRYSURF can be used to lubricate a wide range of devices and machinery, including office equipment (PCs, copiers, printers, fax machines, etc.), A/V equipment (CD and DVD players, video cameras, car audio systems, etc.), cameras, automotive components, and other mechanical components.


HI-LUBE (grease)

We offer a range of greases, including fluorinated grease, dielectric grease, impregnated grease, torque grease, and machine grease, to best suit your particular needs. We also provide help starting with product development. Our HI-LUBE line can be used on a wide range of devices and equipment such as office equipment, A/V equipment, cameras, and automotive components.

Special fluoropolymers have been uniquely synthesized and dissolved in nonflammable fluorinated solvents to produce liquid coatings.

We uniquely synthesized special fluoropolymers and then dissolved them in nonflammable fluorinated solvents to develop liquid fluorinated coatings. We offer moisture-resistant coatings for circuit boards used in items like smartphones, mobile phones, mobile devices, digital cameras, and handheld video cameras as well as water-repellent and oil-repellent coatings. We also offer surface treatments with added value (dirt-resistant coatings, fingerprint-resistant coatings, and low-friction coatings) for the exteriors of those items.


DURASURF (fluorinated coating)

DURASURF is a quick-drying fluorinated coating for industrial use. The varied features of this coating resolve problems with the manufacture of electronic components and assurance of their quality, and these features also help to improve product reliability. In addition, this highly functional coating helps to add greater value as a surface treatment for products and components. Our DURASURF products are suited to a wide range of applications. For example, DURASURF can serve as a conformal coating to prevent electrochemical migration on circuit boards and prevent corrosion in place of metal plating, and DURASURF can be used as a surface treatment to prevent dirt or dust from adhering to the exterior of mobile devices.